Arp – “More (Blues)”

Posted by on June 13, 2013

Arp - More

Stripped down, soulful doo-wop isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when describing Alexis Georgopoulos‘ aural excursions as Arp. The project’s first two LPs, both for Oslo’s left-field and space disco Smalltown Supersound, reveled in a tastefully modernized, kraut-leaning synthesizer music that have quietly (read: tragically) slipped under everyone’s radar. Starry synths and distantly drifting pulses of rhythm normally pair with refined static and noise textures for generally wordless, spaced out meditations. Georgopoulos’ other side projects, including Bay Area’s astral travelers The Alps and previously with astral disco enthusiasts Tussle, perpetuate even deeper grooves of blissed out psych and spacious funk. Arp just dropped “More (Blues),” the first track from his third proper LP entitled More, a disarmingly sparse, near doo wop tune featuring gilded vocals, solemn piano and organ, and a charmingly genuine ear for romance. Arp’s 2010 collaboration with Anthony Moore (Henry Cow, Slapp Happy) for RVNG Intl. featured extended fragments of piano balladry between tone poems of processed piano modes, but never stood so out in the open as the unshrouded vulnerability here. One can only imagine what the rest of More has in store. More comes out 9/17 via Smalltown Supersound.

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