Tuluum Shimmering – Orange & White Feathered String

Posted by on June 11, 2013

Tuluum Shimmering is a mystery, a hazy memory obfuscated by the mental shimmer of last night’s astral projection exercise. The music is bliss and laboured breathing and dust particles floating in the air, catching the light of the sun. Cassettes are named according to the sensory experiences they produce: Swamp Delta Gas Flares, Flowers of the Honey Tree, Thunderous Slit-Gongs on Islands of Cloud, and so on. Now arrives Orange & White Feathered String from Old Frontiers and a veil is lifted. Bells, flutes and drones slither ever so softly across the carpet of sand on which the mind rests. Heat haze warps the image of an impending oasis. Thirst exists but is ignored, stronger is the need for more of these strange sounds. Flipping the cassette over reveals a near-form. An almost-entity. Who conjured such a wild-looking character? A drummer sidles up to join the flautist in his weird dance.  The music stops.  Eyes are opened, but nothing is seen.

Stream: Tuulum Shimmering – “Orange” (Extract)