Dylan C – Samsara: Causes and Conditions

Posted by on June 11, 2013

Dead-ass: this new Dylan C. (Dylan Cameron) double album Samsara: Causes and Conditions is ripping UP 2:45 p.m. right now at work. It’s a Holodeck-style killer beat party, matched with neon spray lights that paint lines across dancers as they glow in a black-lit cloud of fog. Inside Holodeck (area HD012A, according to the label’s catalog numbering) waits the night of your life, your choice of familiar faces, strangers, celebrities, animals, etc. Drinks like a ‘mango-tease,’ ‘snow-slide’ or ‘sunset-lime’ flow from bar to glass to mouth to floor, and not entirely in that order. As the images move and feel as though they’re coming into physical contact with you, they really are, in a sensory way, opposed to reality. The drinks’ intoxication isn’t really happening, but it feels right. Some images mesh, lights and mirrors and imagination blend within a pixelated crowd of wobbly projected humans and then… you wake up in sick-bay screaming, “Dylan C!!!”, grabbing people’s arms and stopping them so that you can whisper “Samsara: Causes and Conditions“. Get your fever-dancing immediately from Holodeck; tape ships in three days, so patience may melt ya, but Samsara: Causes and Conditions will be worth the chill. Dylan C. himself has been laying low recently, but hopefully Holodeck has more planned.

Stream: Dylan C – Samsara: Causes and Conditions