Premiere: Pressed And – “Bored On A Lam”

Posted by on May 16, 2013

pressedandI’ve long been a fan of Pressed And, as evidenced by Crash Symbols‘ release of their stellar Imbue Up cassette. The connection makes their latest effort for Mush, titled Stone Candles, that much more weighted with anticipation. Fortunately we’ve been hooked up with a new track premiere to keep the drool from running down our chins. Pressed And’s hazy approach to R&B is stronger than ever in the eight-minute doozy that is “Bored On A Lam”. The track starts on an early ’90s sensual vibe before moving into a more ’80s GuitarNB vibe, and then finally ends with a more gospel lean. The whole song progresses wonderfully, leaving you almost blissfully unaware that you just allowed one single track to play for eight whole minutes. Stone Candles hits the streets on 4 June via those huggable dolls at Mush Records.

Stream/Download: Pressed And – “Bored On A Lam”