Premiere: Braxton/Palmer – “Creeper, Pt. 1”

Posted by on May 14, 2013

braxtonpalmerA few weeks ago Gorilla vs Bear premiered the b-side to Braxton/Palmer‘s two-part Creeper single with Ceremony Recordings. While part two is a foot worker, it performs on the colder side, creating the feeling of patrolling the ocean depth with your favorite dance jam thumping inside you protective gear. Today we have the drop on “Creeper, Pt. 1”, where we hear Braxton/Palmer get a bit warmer and more romantic while keeping a high dance energy about. The title “Creeper” already calls certain imagery to the brain, and the repetition of the lyric “Baby, you don’t know,” after “your love,” certainly lends more to the brooding stalker vibes. It’s probably ok if your stalker really likes to dance, though; right? Creeper is available today via Ceremony.

Stream: Braxton/Palmer – “Creeper, Pt. 1”