LeapFrog – LeapFrog

Posted by on May 14, 2013

a0449317675_10Swan City Sounds is breaking out some more ripping rock, this time with LeapFrog‘s self-titled six song cassette, LeapFrog. Yeah, Tuesday is a layered shit cake. So let’s fucking ROCK. And LeapFrog is certainly the jame. For some reason, the mood of today (which is a yearning to go home and watch movies) and the title of the release combined reminds me of the flick Mom & Dad Save The World. That’s what I’d watch today had I stayed in bed. LeapFrog is both adventurous in it’s self discovery of song, and amphibious in sway and sweat. Oh, I definitely rock my chair to this, and it’s way keeping me warm. “Work Song” being the most crushing and moving of tracks on the cassette. You can tell the LeapFroggers have been listening to their music throughout the years, and if there’s one thing I appreciate is album fluidity, which they totally nail on LeapFrog. There’s not a moment on this cassette that feels out of place or awkward. Shit, I been jamming all morning and haven’t done any day-job work. Fuck it. I’m being saved! Hit up Swan City Sounds for LeapFrog’s LeapFrog cassette. Only $5 and in edition of 50. GRIP ONE ASAP!

Stream: LeapFrog – LeapFrog