Posted by on May 3, 2013

If y’all missed out on LOU TENNANT & OFFICER DICK’s COPS mixtape last year, well it’s all chill, cause here’s COPS 2, arresting your mind and snagging you the best seven minutes of blip entertainment this side of “SIDE-B.” And this shit “Ain’t your papi… You hear me?!” But(t) shit’s a good visual-musical representation of that half-life professional or authoritative mystery/misery most COPS go through. Visual-musical such as hard vocal cuts, smooth ride melodies, brick street rumble, and the waste sleeping in the back seat. The vibe ain’t mutual, but appreciated. Danger unto yourself could be equal to or greater than the cuffs binding your until tomorrow morning. Don’t get too close to that toilet’s rust. Who KNOWS who’s been in this cell prior to your vomit? Relax. Cool out. Flow with what DJPD’s spinning on the main speaker. Find LOU TENNANT & OFFICER DICK at all hours of their beat, fronting COPS 2 via El Sereno Records.

Stream: OFFICER DICK – “Cops 2 (Side B)”