Decoder Magazine is an all-volunteer music site devoted to reconciling the apparent forward motion of time with the proliferation of humanity, experience, and expression… to challenge ourselves and hear new things, or old things differently. Sometimes mutation is subtle and in biological terms, even less frequently viable, so our goal is to disproportionately acknowledge non-institutional proliferation: tapeheads, CD-R pyros, DIY musicians, experimental composers, bedroom producers, psychic explorers, etc. Musically, that amounts to a lot of slipstream sounds. Though our purview is broad and more or less abstract, we hope you’ll find some new music you like, and feel free to talk with us about whatever you might be doing for your self or community.

Frequently Implied Ignorances (our stab at an F.A.Q.)

1. No one at Decoder writes on assignment. For the most part, we pitch potential subject matter to each other. Since many of the site’s volunteers are involved with their own music projects, bands or home imprints of one kind or another, this dynamic feels best to us and prevents most ethical conflicts.

2. Decoder shuffles physical demos all over the world. When unsolicited material arrives, we let our writers know a copy is available and set it aside to ship at our own expense if the writer is interested. Feel free to contact us directly about having music considered and if a physical review copy is available, let us know. That way, we can all save on shipping, use a little less packaging, and unite music and writer a little more quickly.

3. We publish almost daily. We can say that only if we’re all excluding weekends at the outset, but seriously; we’re not going anywhere. Still, we take off most “important” holidays and some totally frivolous ones to boot. On those occasions, ideally at least two of the site’s editors are at Blackwater Falls State Park or in the Monongahela National Forest (West Virginia being very pretty).

4. We are not a conventional print publication. Though our first physical companion to the Decoder website took the form of a perfect bound paperback, in the style of publications like Yeti Magazine, if we decide it would be fun to do again the format may be a bit different.

5. Music is our focus, but we enjoy breaking out of that mold occasionally. More and more undertakings seem fundamentally “multimedia,” so it makes sense to us that we try to cover music videos or zines as a small part of our normal routine. Submissions info is here, but seriously, if you feel like the dorks responsible for Decoder’s music coverage might take an interest in whatever radical other thing you’ve managed to breath life into, please get in touch.

6. If you’re a writer, we’d love to hear from you. Though Decoder is all volunteer, much of our time is devoted to collaborating with individual writers. Our hope is to create an environment that emphasizes the unique perspectives of individual contributors, whether they’re involved with or just observing the phenomena that interest them. Regular or not, if you think you might enjoy working under those conditions, contact dwight [@] secretdecoder . net.

7. We want to hear from you. Just to be clear. Feel free not to be ‘politely deferential’ unless it genuinely feels expedient… I am, after all, a devotee of the passive voice myself. In all likelihood, even if we can’t sort out coverage, you’ll hear something back from us.

8. There’s a possibility we aren’t much fun on Twitter. ???